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1997 – First sample of nano metal powder sold

 In 1997 Argonide sold it’s first sample of nano metal powder.

What is Nano Metal Powder?

The nano metal powders Argonide offered were produced by the electroexploded wire (“EEW”) process.  Virtually all the metals produced by this process are combustible, and several of them such as aluminum, iron, titanium and zirconium are either pyrophoric or nearly so. The process is capable of manufacturing particles with an average size as small as 50 nanometers.  Particles as small as 50 nm have been made in experimental quantities.  Typically we produce 100 nanometer particle size powders because smaller particles are often too reactive and sometimes pyrophoric, prohibiting their shipment via aircraft.  There is a maximum size of about 300 nm (average).   The powders are collected and protected from oxidation by the argon in the reactor.  Some of the powders including those that are pyrophoric are transferred to liquid hydrocarbon.   In the case of Alex®nanoaluminum powder, before removing it from the chamber the particles are passivated by exposure to dry air and are then packaged as a dry powder.

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